BBH hat Ende 2019 ein Nachwuchs-Netzwerk am Berliner Standort der Kanzlei gegründet, um eine noch bessere (teamübergreifende) Einbindung von Referendar*innen und Wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter*innen (WiMis) bei BBH zu ermöglichen.

Das BBH-Nachwuchs-Netzwerk soll neben den bereits durch BBH…

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A new epoch begins for the commentary on energy law Danner/Theobald “Energierecht”: After 45 years Dr. Wolfgang Danner retires as editor of the standard reference work published by the renowned publishing house C.H.Beck. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kühling will join BBH partner Prof. Dr. Christian Theobald as…

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The BBH group consolidates its web presence with its new landing page This website focuses on the clients and their everyday environment: Company 360°/ Energy/ Infrastructure. In parallel, the BBH group has also given its blog a facelift and changed its name to…

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In mid-November, gasgroup – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gas held its last members’ meeting in 2019 in Cologne. The meeting was marked by the retirement of the working group’s long-standing chairman Dipl.-Ing. Alfred Würzinger, managing director of Energie- und Wasserversorgung Bünde GmbH, to whom the…

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Solar leasing company DZ-4 receives €20m from a German investor to implement 1,400 solar power projects. The law firm Becker Büttner Held (BBH) has assisted DZ-4 with comprehensive legal advice in the context of the deal.

To lease or to buy? This question is one that people have to consider not…

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