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Video and Audio Section
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BBH has published numerous books, journals and essays & articles.

Development and regulation of a hydrogen infrastructure

Hydrogen will play an important role in the energy system in the years and decades to come. This was made clear in the hydrogen strategies devised by the EU and, respectively, Germany. In an interview with Energy News TV, our colleague and gas expert Prof. Christian Held talked about the opportunities and regulatory challenges concerning hydrogen. The interview is available here.

Lunch talk on cybersecurity

How to protect your company from cyberattacks: Peter-Michael Kessow and Ingmar Weitemeier (G4C German Competence Centre against Cyber Crime e. V.) in conversation with our colleague Prof. Dr. Ines Zenke at the 2020 regulatory conference. Click here for a video of the discussion.

A look back at our digital regulatory conference 2020

Regulation, cybersecurity and the digital transformation: On 12 May 2020, the traditional regulatory conference of AK REGTP, the regulatory working group of the law firm Becker Büttner Held, went virtual for the first time. From Berlin and Cologne, the hosts Prof. Dr. Christian Theobald, Prof. Dr. Ines Zenke and Axel Kafka presented the approx. 350 participants with a varied programme during the digital conference day. Click here for a video with some impressions from the conference.

Tax compliance management tool ensuring that companies are on the safe side of tax law

German tax law is complex and full of pitfalls. To ensure that companies are on the safe side of tax law and to enable them to operate in an audit-compliant manner, BBH launched a tax compliance management tool in cooperation with Schleupen AG. The software is aimed at avoiding liability events under tax law.

Dr. Dörte Fouquet on the reform of the Euratom Treaty

On 16 January 2019, our colleague Dr. Dörte Fouquet presented her study on the reform of the Euratom Treaty at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Click here to view her statement.

Dr. Dörte Fouquet: Energy transition in Europe – options for constitutional reform

On 8 June 2018, our colleague Dr. Dörte Fouquet spoke on the topic “The Future of the Euratom Treaty: What are the Legal Options?” at the International Conference on European Energy Policies in Christiansborg, Copenhagen. Click here to find a video recording of her speech.

Jörg Kuhbier receives the German Renewables Award for his lifetime achievements

In November 2017, our colleague and former senator for environmental affairs Jörg Kuhbier received the award in the lifetime achievement category from Erneuerbare Energien Cluster in Hamburg. Click here to watch a video portrait of Jörg Kuhbier that was produced in the framework of the awards ceremony.

Prof. Christian Held on the challenges in the gas market

In February 2017, our colleague Prof. Christian Held was interviewed by Energy News TV in the framework of E-world. Prof Held spoke about the current challenges in the gas market and the future role that gas is to play in the energy transition.

Belgian radio: Interview with Dr. Dörte Fouquet

What opportunities are there for local players in terms of renewable energy? On 17 January 2017, our colleague Dr. Dörte Fouquet was interviewed by the Belgian radio in the framework of a conference at the Ministry of the German-speaking Community in Eupen/Belgium.

23rd BBH Energy Conference in Berlin on 20 September 2016

“Who will have to pay for the energy transition – and who is going to foot the bill?” This was the title of the Energy Conference held by the law firm Becker Büttner Held (BBH) in Berlin on 20 September 2016, a traditional event in its 23rd year. The 2016 edition of the event coincided with the festivities on the occasion of BBH’s 25th anniversary. Click here for a video with impressions and statements from the conference.

Dr. Dörte Fouquet zur Reformierung des Euratom-Vertrages

Unsere Kollegin Dr. Dörte Fouquet stellte am 16.1.2019 beim EU-Parlament in Strasbourg ihre Studie zur Reformierung des Euratom-Vertrages vor. Ihre Ausführungen sehen Sie hier.

Dr. Dörte Fouquet: Energy Transition in Europe: Options for Constitutional Reform

Unsere Kollegin Dr. Dörte Fouquet sprach auf der "International Conference on European Energy Policies" am 8.6.2018 in Christiansborg, Copenhagen zum Thema "The Future of the Euratom Treaty: What are the Legal Options?". Einen Videomitschnitt finden Sie hier.

Jörg Kuhbier: German Renewables Award für sein Lebenswerk

Unser Kollege und Umweltsenator a.D. Jörg Kuhbier hat im November 2017 von dem Erneuerbaren Energien Cluster in Hamburg den Preis in der Kategorie "Lebenswerk" verliehen bekommen. Im Rahmen der Preisverleihung wurde auch ein Video-Clip gedreht, in dem Jörg Kuhbier porträtiert wird.

Prof. Christian Held über die Herausforderungen im Gasmarkt

In Rahmen der E-world im Februar 2017 wurde unser Kollege Prof. Christian Held von Energy News TV zu einem Gespräch eingeladen. Es ging um die aktuellen Herausforderungen im Gasmarkt und die Frage, welche Rolle Gas überhaupt im Kontext der Energiewende zukünftig einnehmen wird.

Belgischer Rundfunk: Interview mit Dr. Dörte Fouquet

Welche Chancen bieten erneuerbare Energien für lokale Akteure? Im Rahmen einer Fachtagung im Ministerium der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft in Eupen/Belgien am 17.1.2017 gab unsere Kollegin Dr. Dörte Fouquet dem Belgischen Rundfunk ein Interview.

23. BBH-Energiekonferenz am 20.09.2016 in Berlin

Wer zahlt für die Energiewende - und wer trägt die Kosten? Unter diesem Titel veranstaltete Becker Büttner Held (BBH) am 20. September in Berlin ihre traditionelle und nunmehr 23. Energiekonferenz, die diesmal mit den Feierlichkeiten zum 25jährigen Bestehen der Kanzlei zusammenfiel. Einige Einblicke und Statements finden sich hier.