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  • 360° business solutions

    There are certain fundamental economic challenges that companies across all sectors have to face. The section “360° business solutions” thus focuses on our advisory service portfolio for companies of all kinds, which includes data protection, IP/IT issues, receivables management and insolvency, corporate finance, competition/antitrust law and trade mark law, taxes etc.

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    The energy sector is undergoing rapid and partly fundamental changes. We do not simply keep track of the developments, but are actively shaping them along the entire value chain from energy generation, transport and grids to trading, energy sales and distribution as well as consumption.

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    We understand mobility, healthcare, water, waste, telecommunications, real estate, media and the public sector as infrastructures. We know about both the particularities of these sectors as well as the complex interconnections between them. We are also familiar with the special requirements incumbent on critical infrastructures.

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