Fibre-Optic Network in Kassel and Vellmar: BBH supports cooperation between Städtische Werke Netz + Service and Telekom

Cooperation projects are becoming increasingly important for comprehensive fibre-optic expansion. The comprehensive fibre-optic expansion has now reached the north of Hesse as a result of the fibre platform cooperation between Städtische Werke Netz + Service Kassel (NSG) and Telekom Deutschland GmbH (Telekom). Becker Büttner Held (BBH) assisted in the lengthy contract negotiations for NSG, which were successfully concluded on 7 June.

The fibre-optic network should be fully constructed by the end of 2033. Over 142,000 households and businesses in Kassel and Vellmar should benefit from it. About 40,000 buildings will be connected to the network within the next ten years. The comprehensive expansion of fibre-optic cables into the buildings has already started and is known as “Fibre to the Home” (FTTH). In future, citizens of Kassel and Vellmar can look forward to high-speed internet of up to 1 Gbit/s.

NSG is responsible for expanding and maintaining the fibre optic network. Telekom is responsible for installing the technology and operating the network. To ensure provider diversity, the network will be launched using an open-access approach, i.e. not only Telekom but also Telekom’s wholesale partners will be able to access it.

For several months, BBH conducted contract negotiations with Telekom for NSG on the expansion and leasing of dark fibre. In this context, BBH ensured that the interests of Städtische Werke were considered and the existing network used to a greater extent.

Lawyer and BBH partner Axel Kafka  is pleased about the project’s completion: “Enabling around 142,000 households and businesses access to the network is quite remarkable! The FTTH expansion in Kassel and Vellmar will not only benefit the local economy and consumers but also generate long-term rental income for NSG.”

“The comprehensive fibre-optic expansion is usually a massive challenge for cities, municipalities, public utilities and telecommunications companies,” says BBH lawyer specialising in IT law Julien Wilmes-Horváth. However, by working together, we can create synergies and find ways to prevent overbuilding while also considering other (own) interests (such as the digitalisation of energy networks). Moreover, the potential of fibre optics to add value has not yet been fully realised.”

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