Contract drafting 2.0: The BBH group launches legal tech platform for digital contract management

The BBH group launches its first major legal tech product onto the market: with its contract generator, BBH takes the management of its model contracts to a digital level, providing resource-efficient and streamlined processes for its clients. This is the first product on the market automating the complex contracts in the area of energy.

With over 150 different model contracts for the energy and infrastructure industry, the law firm Becker Büttner Held (BBH) is one of the leading experts for contracts in this market. Over 400 out of 900 municipal energy suppliers use BBH’s supply contracts. BBH has a similar market penetration in the grid sector.

The legal requirements for energy contracts are complex and meticulous attention to detail is required in order to draft legally sound contracts,” explains contract expert and BBH partner Dr. Jost Eder.

To make the management of contracts for its clients as convenient and resource-efficient as possible, BBH has created a digital platform on which the entire process will take place in the future. With the contract tool, the BBH group has developed a software solution which allows clients to customise the BBH model contracts in just a few minutes using a questionnaire. Regular updates due to legislative changes may – if requested – take place automatically.

“Our contract generator will save our clients a lot of time and effort, as it not only makes the initial tailoring of contracts a lot easier but also eliminates the need to manually update the customised contracts”, says BBH partner Jan-Hendrik vom Wege.

“What makes our solution so special is the all-inclusive package: BBH provides both the content of the contracts and the software solution, i.e. the technical tool”, adds BBH partner Dr. Erik Ahnis.

The digital platform is provided by BBH Solutions AG, a newly established subsidiary of Becker Büttner Held. The members of the board of BBH Solutions AG are Jan-Hendrik vom Wege and Dr. Erik Ahnis.

The BBH group is a leading provider of advisory services for energy and infrastructure companies and their customers. Energy and supply companies, particularly public utilities, municipalities and local authorities, industrial companies and international groups are among its core clients. The BBH group advises these and many other companies and organisations in all legal matters and also assists them with business and strategic advice.


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