Technical / Business-related Energy Consultancy Services

The safe and efficient operation of supply grids is one of the main business activities of supply companies. These companies are in need of strategies to ensure such operation also in the future. In this respect, regulatory requirements and especially incentive regulation constitute a very tight framework for the companies concerned.

We will be pleased to support you in the following areas, among others:

  • Calculation of revenue caps and comparison with the actual cost items so as to analyse potential savings
  • Calculation of grid charges in accordance with the regulatory provisions
  • Calculation of special grid charges and optimisation of a company’s grid connection scenario
  • Calculation of contributions to the construction costs of the grid connection (BKZ)
  • Profitability analyses and calculations of the impact of investments on the revenue cap (investment planning)
  • Energy-industry advice in the context of all regulatory questions, e.g. the regulatory account

It may also be advantageous for companies to incorporate further networks into the grid they operate. We will be pleased to support you in any questions regarding, for example, the calculation of the purchase price or technical and business-related issues arising in the context of a grid takeover.

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