Electricity Generation Strategies

The generation landscape is changing. Electricity is no longer procured exclusively through the upstream grid, but rather fed into the electricity supply grids at different voltage levels by various decentralised generation installations. The efficient operation of such installations depends not only on statutory provisions, but also on the technical and energy-industry parameters of the supply structures into which electricity is fed.

We will be pleased to support you in any questions regarding the economic efficiency of generation installations and to jointly develop feasible generation strategies. Against the background of the volatile feed-in of electricity, generation strategies are likely to be of key importance in the future.

We will also be pleased to support you in obtaining approval from the competent Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) for recognition of your installation as a CHP installation, e.g. through an expert report substantiating the necessary costs of modernisation, setting out the specific properties of the installation and/or documenting the method of calculating the CHP electricity.

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