“Quartierstudie 2021”: 2021 survey on urban neighbourhoods identifies obstacles for successfully developing neighbourhoods in towns and cities

A nationwide survey conducted by BBH Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG confirms the relevance of sustainable concepts for urban neighbourhoods. The experiences of stakeholders in the planning and implementation of urban neighbourhoods constitute a promising basis in this respect. According to the survey, functional considerations will have to play a more important role alongside the structural aspects in the development of holistic concepts for urban neighbourhoods. Moreover, a greater readiness to cooperate would have a positive effect on the development.

2,200 representatives of municipalities, municipal companies and the housing sector were contacted for the survey and 146 valid replies could be evaluated in detail. The findings confirmed the experiences of BBH Immobilien in the project business: The structural and social function, aspects of sustainability and efficient solutions in terms of energy and mobility are essential for a holistic and resilient urban neighbourhood concept. In practice, however, too little attention is paid to the functional dimension of urban neighbourhoods. “Focusing on the spatial dimension alone is not enough. Contemporary urban neighbourhood development also has to perceive the built environment as the centre of life of its inhabitants and thus to arrive at the right conclusions for the necessary structures,” says Wolfram von Blumenthal, managing director of BBH Immobilien.

At the same time, shifts in the inhabitants’ everyday life, demographic change, the shift in values of the younger urban population as well as changes in consumer behaviour are calling for increased flexibility regarding urban neighbourhoods, which must be addressed accordingly. A majority of participants in the study cautions against the problem of lacking cooperation between the different stakeholders. “We have had a lot of good experiences in our projects by bringing together all the stakeholders involved. The exchange of experiences at intermunicipal level as well as an intensive, integrated and interdisciplinary cooperation may, for example, take place in the framework of a company that is set up specifically for the development of an urban neighbourhood,” Mr von Blumenthal adds.

The findings of the study were presented in a video conference of Heuer Dialog on 20 April 2021. More than 200 attendees confirm the market interest in this topic.

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The aim is to develop solutions which anticipate future requirements under consideration of the effects of the energy transition and the latest concepts for mobility and urban neighbourhoods. In this context, BBH Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG closely cooperates with cities, towns, municipalities and municipal housing associations.

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