Hydro alliance of TÜV NORD, the BBH group and BPI launches today aiming at industrial companies, public authorities and municipalities

As a highly versatile source of energy, hydrogen will play a key role for the energy transition and for achieving the climate targets. While many companies are already planning their first hydrogen projects, public players are also focussing on the regulatory framework. At the interface of economic and technical aspects, legal and regulatory matters as well as strategic and political issues, a joint consulting service for hydrogen projects is launched by the TÜV NORD GROUP, a service provider in the field of technology, the BBH group with its focus on the energy and infrastructure industry as well as the strategy consultants of Bingmann Pflüger International, who specialise in the energy sector.

“With our interdisciplinary cooperation, we provide industrial companies, public authorities, municipalities and other players with the opportunity to harness hydrogen for a large variety of applications by drawing on our diverse expertise”, says Dirk Stenkamp, chairman of the board of management of TÜV NORD AG. “We are thus promoting the swift and sustainable establishment of the hydrogen industry.”

The advisory services are not limited to individual technologies or sectors but aim at support along the entire value chain from the industrial production of hydrogen, hydrogen transport and distribution to the storage and use of hydrogen:

  • the development of infrastructure to ensure the availability of hydrogen
  • the development of demand and applications on the part of consumers
  • the implementation and financing of pilot and research projects
  • international cooperations for the import of clean hydrogen.

The advisory practice is holistic and customised. “Our cooperation is based on a full service approach combining conceptual skills and project competence in regard to technical and economic matters, legal and regulatory expertise as well as strategic and political foresight. Now is the time to develop the hydrogen infrastructure and to get the market up and running as soon as possible”, says Christian Held, partner at the law firm Becker Büttner Held and chairman of the supervisory board of BBH Consulting AG.

Friedbert Pflüger, managing partner at Bingmann Pflüger International, emphasises the high expectations placed on hydrogen in the context of carbon neutrality and the climate targets: “In order to get the hydrogen market up and running as soon as possible, we have to take into account the international developments, above all the technology-neutral implementation of the European Green Deal. All partners involved have experience with international hydrogen projects and aim at contributing their expertise for the benefit of our clients.”

The BBH group is a leading provider of advisory services for energy and infrastructure companies and their customers. Becker Büttner Held and BBH Consulting AG have implemented numerous hydrogen projects and participated in the design of the regulatory framework governing hydrogen. Energy and supply companies, particularly public utilities, municipalities and local authorities, associations, industrial companies and international groups are among its core clients. The BBH group advises these companies and organisations in all legal matters and also assists them with business, tax and strategic advice.

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