H2Ecosystem Essen: Consortium identifies potentials and transformation paths for a regional hydrogen ecosystem

The use of green hydrogen holds economic potential for significant CO2 reductions in the city of Essen, particularly in the industry and mobility sectors. This is shown in a feasibility study carried out by a consortium consisting of nymoen strategieberatung, BBH Consulting AG (BBHC), Hydrogentle and con|energy agentur. The results of the study will serve as a basis for the future hydrogen infrastructure planning in the densely populated Ruhr area and also form the conceptual framework for specific hydrogen projects in Essen.

In the context of the study, the experts of nymoen strategieberatung, BBHC, Hydrogentle and con|energy agentur identified a total of 18 specific project approaches that were evaluated on the basis of different scenarios. The consortium partners then highlighted the most important milestones for ramping-up the hydrogen industry in Essen and developing the necessary infrastructure.

Projects for converting their respective fleets to vehicles with fuel cell technology are already being implemented by the municipal waste management company in Essen and the local public transport provider Ruhrbahn. In the course of converting the vehicles, up to 2,530 tonnes of CO2 are to be saved annually from 2025, with savings expected to increase considerably in the following years.

In addition to the electrolysis capacities within the city limits of Essen, the consortium identified two other sources of supply for the required hydrogen.

“The results of the H2Ecosystem Essen study are further evidence that the hydrogen economy is evolving in a decentralised manner, i.e. locally in the municipalities. There is an enormous potential for developing viable concepts tailored to the respective region, which can then be translated into concrete projects,” says BBH board member Marcel Malcher.

The methodological approach to the preparation of the study was recorded in a manual, which municipal partners may use as a blueprint for the preparation of similar studies. The study results and the manual are available at www.ewg.de/wasserstoff.

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