BBH publishes study for VKU on transforming the gas supply

Germany aims to be climate neutral by 2045. The path to achieving climate neutrality is a much discussed topic. In this context, the BBH group was commissioned by the German Association of Local Public Utilities (Verband kommunaler Unternehmen e. V. – VKU) to determine and present in a study the regulatory adjustments required for transforming the gas supply in the context of the heat transition.

People feel very strongly about how the heat transition should be designed. One thing is clear: the heat supply will be primarily carried out at the municipal level. The existing gas grid infrastructure will also have to adapt to the change. The BBH experts have worked out possible statutory and regulatory guidelines for this transformation in their interdisciplinary study “Regulatorische Anpassungsbedarfe zur Transformation der Gasversorgung im Kontext der Wärmewende” (The Regulatory Adjustments Required for Transforming the Gas Supply in the Context of the Heat Transition). The study is available here.

One essential finding of this study is that there are no uniform development paths leading to the heat transition. As a result, there will be quite different demands and needs for a gas grid in the coming years. It makes sense to devise binding local energy/heat plans based on these different approaches. The future regulatory framework should be designed accordingly.

BBH partner and lawyer Prof. Dr. Ines Zenke Prof. Dr. Ines Zenkeemphasises: “The current debate around the heat plans provides the opportunity to meaningfully combine several aspects of the energy and heat transition. This is worth thinking through carefully.”

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