BBH partner Dr. Ines Zenke appointed honorary professor for infrastructure law and management

In light of her long-standing commitment to teaching and continuing education at the University of Applied Sciences for Sustainable Development Eberswalde, Dr. Ines Zenke was appointed honorary professor for infrastructure law and management.

For more than five years, Prof. Dr. Ines Zenke has been teaching at the University of Applied Sciences for Sustainable Development Eberswalde (Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung – HNEE), “Germany’s greenest university”. The University was founded as early as 1830 as the Forestry Academy of the Prussian state. Since 1992 its focus has been entirely on sustainable development, the environment and nature conservation. Today, the University has more than 2,000 students. Ines Zenke has now been appointed honorary professor in the field of “infrastructure law and management” following the proposal of the Faculty of Sustainable Business.

In the past years, Ines Zenke has been a lecturer in the master’s degree programme “Kommunalwirtschaft” (municipal economy), which in this form is unique in Germany. Experienced practitioners from municipalities and municipal companies attend this programme to obtain a master’s degree. Ines Zenke is entirely at home with this field. More than 200 specialist publications are evidence of her expertise in this respect. In 23 years of legal practice, she has also been advising on (almost) all infrastructure matters that are of interest to her students with field experience.

Prof. Dr. Zenke has been a lawyer since 1999 and, since 2002, a partner of Becker Büttner Held, a law firm specialising in infrastructures. Her main focus is on energy, environmental and infrastructure law. She is also a distinguished policy advisor.

Becker Büttner Held is a leading provider of advisory services for energy and infrastructure companies and their customers. Energy and supply companies, particularly public utilities, municipalities and local authorities, industrial companies and international groups are among its core clients. BBH advises these and many other companies and organisations in all legal matters and also assists them with business and strategic advice.


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