BBH goes insta: The BBH group expands its social media presence to instagram

Connect with us on social media: In addition to its profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing, the BBH group launched an instagram page yesterday afternoon.

Expanding its social media presence to fits into the digital approach of the BBH group. Since very early on, BBH has seen social media as an opportunity to engage with different stakeholders and expanded its communication channels to new media: in 2011, BBH started, which now reaches an average of 25,000 readers per week at This was soon followed by its social media profiles on Twitter , LinkedIn and Xing.

“With our new instagram profile, we would like to provide insights – and we mean that quite literally – because this medium focuses on images and photos; text is merely secondary on this platform. What BBH is all about, what we stand for, who we are, can, in our opinion, also be very well expressed in images”, says BBH partner Prof. Dr. Ines Zenke.

Becker Büttner Held is a leading provider of advisory services for energy and infrastructure companies and their customers. Energy and supply companies, particularly public utilities, municipalities and local authorities, industrial companies and international groups are among its core clients. BBH advises these and many other companies and organisations in all legal matters and also assists them with business and strategic advice.


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