BBH awards Wolf Büttner Prize to the charitable project “Weimars gute Nachbarn” (Weimar’s good neighbours)

The Wolf Büttner Prize for Community Engagement, which is being awarded for the first time this year, goes to the project “Weimars gute Nachbarn” of the community foundation Bürgerstiftung Weimar. The 5,000 euro prize is sponsored by the law firm Becker Büttner Held (BBH) which set up the prize to honour the memory of the firm’s founder Wolf Büttner, who passed away last year.

“Here in the region, we always step in when help is not available from other sources or not affordable for the person seeking help,” says Katrin Katzung, chairwoman of the board of Bürgerstiftung Weimar.The project connects people who need a helping hand with people who want to engage in volunteer work. “Many senior citizens simply wish to have someone they can chat or go for a walk with, or someone who helps them with their smart phones, so just a good neighbour,” states Sabine Meyer, project manager of “Weimars gute Nachbarn”. “We are really happy that our project is awarded the Wolf Büttner Prize”.

The concept of the foundation Bürgerstiftung Weimar convinced the five-member award committee of the Wolf Büttner Prize, which also includes Ute Büttner, the widow of the recently deceased founder of the law firm. “However, we had to choose from 49 exceptional applications, which made our decision really difficult”, says BBH partner and award committee member Christian Held.

It is thanks to the municipal utility Stadtwerke Weimar that “Weimars gute Nachbarn” was even in the running as the company initiated the project’s application for the Wolf Büttner Prize. “The project “Weimars gute Nachbarn” has established itself very well in the city over the last few years. It is well known and highly regarded among senior citizens and various networks. We can no longer imagine the region without it”, states Jörn Otto, the managing director of Weimar’s municipal utility. “This is why we immediately knew that the project was an excellent candidate for the Wolf Büttner Prize.”

Prof. Christian Held adds, “Wolf Büttner was a person who was engaged in various social projects throughout his life, especially at local level. “Weimars gute Nachbarn” is a project that Wolf would have liked very much. Thus, the Wolf Büttner Prize is in the right hands.”

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