Avoiding liability risks – with the new specialist book “Corporate Governance”

The Berlin-based publishing house de Gruyter has released the successor to the successful specialist book “Risikomanagement, Organisation, Compliance für Unternehmer” (“Risk Management, Corporate Organization, Corporate Compliance”) by Zenke/Schäfer/Brocke. What is new in this book is its significantly expanded scope and its programmatic title “Corporate Governance”, while, like its predecessor, it continues to focus on avoiding liability risks for the corporate management.

Violations of the law can be expensive, damage the company and may result in criminal proceedings for its management. So, how can we avoid pitfalls ina company? By means of a comprehensively integrated regulatory framework for the management and monitoring of a company, based on which liability risks are identified and liability cases avoided: thus, by means of good corporate governance. The new specialist book by Zenke/Schäfer/Brocke, which was recently published by the publishing house de Gruyter, reveals what this involves. The book has been written by an interdisciplinary team of authors, including numerous BBH colleagues, who have been advising on compliance, risk management and the like for decades.

Data protection, tax compliance, labour/employment law, energy law are to name but a few of the topics addressed in the practical handbook. Among others, it focuses on digitisation which, on the one hand, offers new opportunities for the use of IT-based compliance management systems, but, on the other hand, also opens the door to cyber attacks on the company infrastructure. After all, the management of a company is always responsible for compliance cases, as it is the management that sets the framework for good corporate governance.

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