Policy Advice and Communication

We provide advice to policymakers and associations at all levels, as experts before the German Bundestag and Bundesrat on a federal level within the framework of legislative procedures as well as at state and/or municipal level. Furthermore, we also act at EU level, where we advise the European Commission and Parliament.

With numerous scientific publications, we also contribute to the political debate in an indirect way, drawing on the expertise gained in our day-to-day practice and ensuring that practical experiences are taken into account in the theoretical discourse. With our extensive expertise in energy law, we are well-positioned to provide input when it comes to the future shape of the energy policy, for example in terms of the electricity market design and the integration of renewable energy.

By holding conferences and parliamentary evenings, we specifically seek to establish a dialogue between representatives from all conceivable areas and political parties and to open up highly-specialised topics for public discussion. We strongly believe that the only way to develop long-term and sustainable solutions is by means of an honest discussion and looking at the matter from different perspectives.

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