Litigation / Mediation / Arbitration

As legal experts we know that court proceedings cannot always be avoided. As a matter of fact, we will be at your side all along the way. Our lawyers are familiar with litigation in all court instances including the establishment of law by the highest court.

With mediation, we also offer an alternative to court proceedings. Mediation is an option when the disputing parties are to save face, intend to cooperate and/or keep in touch once the issue is settled as well as in the case that both parties favour an autonomous over an imposed solution to a dispute. Furthermore, mediation may well lead to a consensus-based result within a very short time, so that lengthy court proceedings with uncertain outcome and possibly high costs can be avoided. Business mediation can be an alternative to litigation in disputes within a company and/or among business partners.

In addition to litigation and mediation, BBH’s expertise also extends to arbitration proceedings. We have experience with arbitration proceeding under different rules of arbitration and assist our clients from selecting the arbitrator to receiving the arbitration award (or in most cases to formulating a compromise).

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