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Energy law is one of our core practice areas. Our expertise in the energy sector spans the entire value chain of the energy industry from energy generation and transport to trading, sales and consumption.

The generation of electricity, heat and cold – whether conventional, renewable or virtual – gives rise to a multitude of complex legal questions on which we provide comprehensive advice. This starts with the planning of power plants and extends to participations as well as safeguarding and marketing strategies. Renewable electricity may be eligible for financial support which is ultimately financed through the EEG surcharge and the level of which is determined by auctions. Electricity producers may, however, also opt for direct selling. We have a firm grasp of these matters as well as an in-depth knowledge of combined heat and power (CHP) issues. Our renewable energy sources and CHP practice includes advice on the construction, financing and connection of installations as well as their operation.

Grids are a prerequisite for the transport of energy. We advise grid operators as well as grid users on all grid-related questions. Our advisory service portfolio in this regard ranges from the construction or acquisition of grids, grid access and the rules and regulations as well as charges for using grids to grid-related stability measures such as redispatching. The development of energy storage systems is becoming increasingly important as well. We are not only intimately familiar with the corresponding legal framework, but also understand these systems on the technical level. Our clients include grid operators across all voltage/pressure levels as well as operators of closed distribution grids such as industrial parks and airports.

Another area of special expertise is commodity trading. Our practice includes advice on all legal questions relating to the physical and financial trading of energy products, both on exchange and OTC, and the relevant EU regulations such as REMIT, MiFID and EMIR. As we are familiar with both the energy and the banking sector, we are able to deliver workable and feasible solutions spanning the intraday and spot market as well as OTC and the exchange.

We provide comprehensive advice to energy marketers, from contracts and protection against unfair competition to the development of new sales models. Moreover, we assist our clients in optimising the burden of levies and surcharges and are experts for contracting solutions.

We also specialise in matters of consumption and provide advice on, for example, energy efficiency and demand response. The optimisation of installations, e.g. in regard to the EEG surcharge, is also part of our portfolio. Last but not least, we also assist our clients in future-oriented matters such as e-mobility and gas mobility.

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