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In addition to traditional legal and tax advisory services as well as auditing, we support companies in business-related matters, focusing also on the specific requirements of the energy industry. We identify the critical factors for success, highlight potentials for optimising business results and assist our clients in their exploitation. Our consulting services are always aimed at specific and practicable recommendations.

A company valuation that is realistic and reflects the market is a highly complex matter, especially in the energy industry. Such valuation is, however, essential for a company’s management team as it provides them with a sound basis for decision-making. After all, the result of such a company valuation serves as the key to successful purchase price negotiations, the (re-)arrangement of shareholder structures as well as the purchase price allocation and/or the impairment test within the framework of the balance sheet valuation. We also support our clients with regard to the valuation of assets such as electricity and gas grids in proceedings in and out of court. The same applies to all other assets, in particular in the utility and waste management sector.

Advising clients on the calculation of charges is a logical consequence of our comprehensive consulting approach for companies in the utility sector. To help ensure long-term success, charges must, at all times, be calculated in line with the development of a company’s cost structure and future investments as well as the legal framework conditions.

The service spectrum of our economists and business administration specialists (Betriebswirte) ranges from integrated business planning which includes the proper documentation of business assumptions to the financial model as the basis for financing decisions. The business plan is not only a paper that might be presented to banks but first and foremost helps both the company’s management team and shareholders assess potential risks and opportunities. In this respect, great importance is attached to, among others, the analysis of competitors and a substantiated market assessment.

Analysing the profitability of a company’s business units, generation installations or other investment projects constitutes the basis for entrepreneurial activities in various situations. Alongside traditional evaluations of economic efficiency, we prepare, among others, expert opinions on the creation and safeguarding of enterprises that have formed a fiscal unit (steuerlicher Querverbund) in accordance with the standards of the Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure – VDI) to be submitted to the tax administration.

The reliability of controlling is a decisive factor for sound business management decisions in the increasingly dynamic energy industry. We support our clients in the structuring of their cost and management accounting. Building upon this first step, we then determine the success of our clients’ profit centres and the annual accounts and results of business units to establish a reliable basis for decision-making. In this respect, we always keep in mind the sector-specific particularities and regulatory requirements, especially with regard to the review of costs. We have extensive expertise in regulatory matters with respect to economic factors and capital market data.

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