Contract law

Any cooperation between market participants is based on complex contractual relationships. This concerns legal relationships with suppliers as well as those with customers, contacts to business partners as well as service providers, infrastructure managers, employees etc. The assessment and appropriate handling of legal risks in the drafting of contracts has hence become an entrepreneurial necessity.

One of the core areas of our advisory services is the drafting, assessment, amendment and negotiation of contracts of all kinds, no matter what the intended purpose of the contract may be. We draft and, respectively, assess contracts ranging from small-scale service contracts to concession contracts, e.g. for electricity and gas. It goes without saying that we also review supply and trading contracts of all kinds as well as general terms and conditions of business so as to ensure the legally sound drafting of contracts and legal claims. We are furthermore pleased to handle the entire contract management of your organisation, thus keeping track of all your contractual relationships.

It is, however, not always necessary to draft an entirely new contract. We have drawn up sample contracts and standard terms for various contract models, which we update continuously and in accordance with the applicable legal framework. These sample contracts are frequently used in the market and may be drawn on in a flexible manner by our clients.

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