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The fast and dynamic development of competition in the energy industry requires optimal and individual portfolio management solutions. Controlling and managing the procurement portfolio is the linchpin of an energy company trading in a volatile market.

We can assist you in implementing solutions based on your individual framework conditions in a simple and transparent manner from market entry consulting to the optimisation of your portfolio.

Typical projects and tasks include, among others:

  • Development of procurement strategies for electricity, gas and carbon dioxide
  • Advice and assistance in the context of tenders for electricity and gas quantities so as to optimise the procurement of energy
  • Advice on a structured procurement process and, respectively, portfolio management
  • Development or evaluation of cross-company energy procurement models in the framework of cooperation projects or joint procurement companies
  • Documentation and optimisation of processes in relation to procurement and the interfaces to sales and, as the case may be, trading
  • Preparation of certified risk management and portfolio management manuals
  • Development of scenarios for the marketing of generating capacity on the wholesale market
  • Economic assessment of a participation in physical power plant units
  • Assessment of virtual power plant capacities

Sales have been subject to continuous change for years. Privatisation, liberalisation, deregulation, globalisation and consolidation have a lasting impact on the day-to-day business as well as on the strategic positioning for the future. In a competitive market, companies have to be faster, more efficient and more innovative in order to be successful in the long term.

The sales, marketing and service departments play a key role in this context and are facing the following challenges:

  • Setting up a customer relationship management system to ensure a continuous commitment to the needs of customers
  • Securing today’s core business in a competitive environment by establishing competitive product and service lines
  • Systematic channel management to ensure professional customer care regarding existing customers and the acquisition of new customers
  • New business development to explore new business opportunities
  • Adjustment of existing organisations to the rapidly changing market conditions

Our experts are pleased to assist you in meeting these challenges.

Typical projects and tasks include, among others:

  • Carrying out market, competition and benchmarking analyses
  • Developing sales strategies and new business areas
  • Developing innovative products and services
  • Optimising existing product portfolios, processes and organisational units of the sales department
  • Designing, calculating and implementing new price and tariff structures
  • Establishing sales controlling systems to ensure transparency in sales
  • Developing customer loyalty programmes and churn management
  • Carrying out customer value analyses

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